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We have a one party system and the votes are rigged through careful slicing and dicing of the districts

We have a one party system and the votes are rigged through careful slicing and dicing of the districts

The only thing we can do is Shrug. People are already doing it, but because they themselves are freeloaders and aren’t producing because there is no hand outs. (they’re collecting unemployment for 120 weeks) And more and more big business owners are retiring to run a vineyard or something similar and leaving lackies that will run the business into the ground to run it. It’s happening every day. It started with Gates III and continues through Jobs and several other high profile retirements recently. They’re all walking away, because when you have no choice, the only choice you have left is to stop.

“I’m not saying that the government’s use of tax money is the most efficient use of our hard-earned capital. It obviously is not.”

We can simply stop empowering the looters by stopping producing

I think it bothers most people more than they realize. During the meltdown, General Motors was forced, kicking and screaming, to streamline their operations. They killed the Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn and Hummer brands, closed unneeded dealerships and renegotiated union contracts. Terribly painful, not at all voluntary, but GM is stronger now than they’ve been in decades.

Who’s going to force the U.S. Government to undertake the same painful streamlining? Could there be a few Oldmobiles and Hummers in the big D.C. tent?

I agree that paying taxes is patriotic, but I am convinced that our federal government needs a GM-style cleansing if we want to avoid pouring good money after bad.

For those who think taxes are too inefficient, find a family in need and give them $10K-$20K. Or a budding entrepreneur that looks smart and give him or her $100K. The only requirement for “the patriotic thing to do” in this Great Recession is for wealthy people not to sit on their wealth but to altruistically change lives with it. More voluntary altruism by those who can afford it would reduce quite a bit of the need for taxes.

The funny thing was the names on the buildings were not Japans companies like Canon or Panasonic but American companies like HP and Deloit. We have become a culture of blaming someone else for what for what they do wrong without taking responsibility for own actions. Have your even heard one big company that is moving their labor over seas talk about it being for profit? No they try to hide the fact they are moving the jobs and blame the government for why they are not hiring. Doing the right thing and fixing what you can is so simple to do but it takes a mind frame of not being selfish. There are so many selfish people out there right now that want to hide behind what someone else is not doing rather than face up to their own actions

See, that’s the part that really grates on me

So tell me how much do you have put aside to do the right thing with? That is what Regain said would happen and what Bush1 called “a thousand points of light” but it didn’t happen. The growth in charitable spending is not even in the ballpark of what has been reduced in tax intake. It didn’t work just like now giving the money to big corporations is not creating Jobs, at least not here. I just got back from Kolkuta Inda where I saw miles of cranes building mult-story buildings to handle the white-color jobs that are moving there. The funny thing was themson the buildings were not Japanes companies like Canon or Panasonic but American companies like HP and Deloit,

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