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I dont understand as to the reasons visitors cares about this question really

I dont understand as to the reasons visitors cares about this question really


I mean its great than simply they are an excellent muslim. I am happier about this. While he is not an educated muslim its not all of our organization. . . ALLAH ‘s the only 1 who may have the right to jugde individuals . very avoid they .. we aren`t best ..

We ve understand all of their myspace, and i also thought he could be a good muslim and half pakistan half british(each other their parent was muslim).One not only said Lailahaillah(There isn’t any god except Allah) hence only muslim have a tendency to build they and then he authored it in his twitter.And he together with told you the guy don’t consume pig and you will eat special chicken and therefore another research that he’s good muslim.Having a tat,drink or striking r stop in Islam, however, carrying it out does not mke your maybe not a good muslim.It simply mke your not a good muslim.As long the guy trust Allah, he’s a good muslim.And in case you probably particularly your n their music, u will not care and attention what religion he could be.

Lol!Zayn ur including a great joker wid der glasses bu ur an excellent gud musician noh lik der others ma m8tz select you soo hoot they fantasy bouh u every daii lik mental! XDD

Real, at the same time told you, now allow dude getting, no one’s finest, and you will niether are you thus..And you may towards whole saying he isn’t a Muslim since the guy isn’t religious, will not leave you much better, since the god is only able to court your, and you don’t have the power going to and you will identity anyone, if you’re zero most readily useful :/

hey zayn. i love u sooooo much!! <3 u knw i hav a big big CRUSH on u! i so hope 2 meet u 1 day. i read so many previous comments nd i partly agree wid them bt dusnt matter. ^_^ go zayn u rok.

omg u r a good muslim i’m as well however, idk as to the reasons your don earings where tatoo idk in the event you salat(pray)or if you is to date merely sayin. ps.i nevertheless love your band you

LOOL all of you it isn’t very your company in reality its not your online business ! their between him and you may allah’s just not haram getting a wife loool ahahaha byw we like your soooo muchh you ought to come to ottawa CANADA

stop talking about the individuals it seems like i’ve never ever seen Muslims or Christians and every that do what they want Each of them provides their lifetime

Yeah, Zayn Malik is wholly a beneficial Muslim and then he pleased with that it. Therefore freaking People in america prevent thinking that ‘Muslims is terrorists’ material. All the business except your stupids is remember that. And um-hum tattoos is actually harram but I just have to query exactly how most of us extremely remain most of the guidelines? You have to know which is his or her own life, his personal options. Avoid courtroom your you really have zero right. He has a gorgeous sensibility, he value all religions and you should respect your also. He isn’t need your awful evaluator.

Zayn, your like the super nicest guy ive ever seen,something i like about you other than your voice is that you never hide that your muslim and you always keep updating about AllahMohammed <3p

hello folk, zayn try a pleasant guy and that i eg your while the a great artist but you shouldnt simply tell him that he must do one could make your disappointed in the event that he checks out so it i am also a good muslim and you can im proud thereby is zayn of course the guy wears tattoos they dosent number and you may btw he’s got an excellent tattoo who has got their granddads name when you look at the pakistani/arabic and possibly he may the guy forgiven exactly what he’s got done in the event that the guy happens makka madina i am also pleased and thus is actually zayn therefore vas happenin.

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