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Bill Paxton, Liam Neeson, and Patrick Swayze played brothers in “Next of Kin”

Bill Paxton, Liam Neeson, and Patrick Swayze played brothers in “Next of Kin”

Even though Lynda Carter believed that she only nabbed the gig for Wonder Woman because she looked the part, she was a real talent. It wasn’t just the dark hair and mid drift that drew people towards her, it was her cool attitude that made audiences want to spend time with her. Initially she wanted to be a singer, but when the acting world opened up for her she leaned into her role. After Wonder Woman was canceled in 1978 she hosted a CBS special where she sang, danced, and worked her magic with guest stars. Carter has never left the minds of fans, and she’s continued to appear in comic book adaptations like the CW’s Supergirl.

So what if Liam Neeson is from Europe? He still manages to look like he’s from the backwoods with Patrick Swayze and Bill Paxton. Maybe it’s the dirty trucker hat, or maybe it’s the beard. Whatever it is, these three worked together in Next of Kin, a film that follows Patric Swayze as he returns home to attempt to cut off the blood feud between his brother and the Chicago mafia. If you’ve never seen Next Of Kin you should check it out if you’re into revenge films or just seeing A-list stars act like they’re from the deep American south.

The material girl in a fried egg world, in 1974 Madonna starred in the short film “The Egg”

As a high school student in 1974 Madonna was still interested in creating intense artistic statements and using her body to get attention. In 1974 she appeared in the short film The Egg , directed by Wyn Cooper. In the one minute student film Madonna can be seen eating a raw egg in a bating suit, or rather letting a raw egg spill down her chin while she tries to eat it. After her unsuccessful meal another girl appears to fry and egg on Madonna’s stomach before eating it with a fork and knife. The short is definitely interesting, specifically because you get to see someone suffer for their art in real time.

Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski cutting loose in Los Angeles in the swinging ’60s

Even though their outward appearance was one of a happy couple, sources close to Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski all claim that their marriage was anything but serene. Polanski’s marriage to one of the most beautiful women on the planet didn’t stop the director from cheating on her constantly or pushing her into sordid group sex situations. Everyone who knew Tate said that she was gentle and kind, but when she got together with Polanski she was thrust into a life of debauchery. The two ily saw to it that their marriage never had a chance to leave the honeymoon phase. Tate was murdered just one year later.

It wasn’t all blood sweat and tears on the set of “Battle of the Network Stars”

What’s not to love Maryland installment loans about watching your favorite television actors compete against each other for a modest cash prize? Throughout the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, stars from the big three networks came together to see who had the stuff of Olympic champions. The episodes were treated like actual sports events, so much so that they were presented by announcing legend Howard Cosell. While the show featured celebrities performing athletic feats, it also had them playing games like tug of war and Simon Says; and there’s nothing like watching Lynda Carter turf out at a game that everyone played as kids.

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